As the process of Community Asset Transfer (CAT) evolves, Friends of Jubilee Pool (FoJP) is looking for help to ensure our bid to take the pool into community ownership is optimal and guarantees a bright future for the pool. 

Jubilee Pool volunteers

WHAT skills do we need?

We are after enthusiastic, dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers to join our efforts. Currently, we are in immediate need of the following pro bono support:

  • A full CCTV internal and external drainage survey (ASAP)
  • Analysis of quantitative data from a community consultation survey (February)
  • Assistance with the operational /service delivery plan linked to budget and financial assumptions within the business plan (January-March)
  • Advice on tax, employment costs and financial assumptions (January-March)
  • legal assistance for charity registration and contract negotiations for the service agreement if our CAT bid is successful (from May/June) 

If you can support us in any of these key areas on a pro bono basis, please contact us immediately via

WHEN do we need people to get involved in this and for how long?

As soon as possible and throughout the CAT process. 

HOW do I get involved?

Send an email to with your name and stating that you would like to volunteer to assist us, and where your expertise may lie.

*Note: By sending in an email your email address and name will only be used for communications surrounding the Save Jubilee Pool Campaign. 

Other ways to get involved

Donate to help fund the Community Asset Transfer (CAT)! All proceeds go towards funding the CAT.

Email us to join our mailing list to receive newsletters from Friends of Jubilee Pool, including the latest news and CAT updates, as well as fundraising events, future leaflet drops and much more.


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