In May 2021, Friends of Jubilee Pool (FoJP) was established as an unincorporated association (a formal community group) and, in order to bid to take over the management of the pool and gym through a community asset transfer (CAT), it was registered as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee in December called Friends of Jubilee Pool (Bristol) Ltd.

It has five directors and an advisory group of 15 people who are all volunteers from the local area and users of the pool. If we are successful with our CAT bid, we will then also apply for registered charity status this year.

FoJP committe members at one of our fundraising and awareness events

Our mission is to ensure Jubilee's future is:

An inclusive and accessible community-led, not-for-profit, high quality leisure facility for the people of Knowle and South Bristol. 

Our vision is:

Jubilee swimming pool and gym is a vital and much-loved leisure facility and social hub for the people of Knowle and the wider South Bristol area.

Our vision is to provide a quality, sustainable local resource that is welcoming, affordable, inclusive and accessible for everyone in the community – encouraging people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and needs to start and continue to swim and exercise at every stage of their life.

By being community-led and not-for-profit, we will ensure Jubilee pool and gym always best serves the future health and wellbeing requirements of its diverse range of users. We will guarantee a future where the facility – with its rich history and fond memories – is able to not just survive, but thrive.

Our values are:

  • Community 
    We believe in the power of being community-driven, providing a resource that meets the health and wellbeing needs of its diverse range of local users.  
  • Quality
    We will guarantee the facility is well-run, reliable, maintained and improved.
  • Social
    We will build and enhance the pool’s reputation as a hub for locals to not just swim and gym, but also meet and socialise together.
  • Inclusive
    We will ensure Jubilee is a resource for all – delivering activities, classes, swim sessions and groups that cater for every member of our community, irrespective of health, ability or demographic.
  • Memorable
    We will preserve and promote the rich and intergenerational history of the pool, while investing in the future to ensure it provides positive memories for generations to come.

FoJP chairperson, Julie Laming 

What we've achieved so far 

Since the Council announced it would be running a bid process for a CAT – the only way to keep Jubilee Pool open and running – Friends of Jubilee Pool have been working hard to make the CAT happen.

We have registered as a legal entity, submitted a formal expression of interest as the first step in the CAT bid process, started work on a full business plan and financial modelling, commissioned five kinds of survey to understand the costs of repairs and upgrades the pool building needs, prepared submitted several grant funding applications and organised a 24-hour community sponsored swim to help cover the costs of this work and the profession advice and support we need. 

In January/February we will conduct a community consultation to get all your ideas and feedback. This is your chance to have your voice heard and influence our business plan and future services at the pool if we can manage to keep it open.

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