Jubilee Pool has had a long and varied history as a vital community resource to locals in Knowle and surrounding areas. 

Jubilee Pool history

Fun facts

  1. Jubilee Pool was designed by famous architect CFW Dening. He was also an artist and was president of ‘Bristol Savages’, a controversial art club from the Victorian age.

  2. Jubilee Pool's official opening was the 26th May 1937. That makes it 84 years old!

  3. The opening ceremony saw exhibitions of Children’s Swimming and Diving, Scientific Swimming and a Display of Plain and Fancy Diving

  4. In 1937 the City of Bristol Baths Committee’s duty was ‘not to create swimming champions and divers, but to encourage every child and citizen to learn to swim well and to know the principles of life saving’. Something that Jubilee still helps us do today.

  5. Jubilee Pool wasn’t just for swimming - there was once a removable rigid floor to place over the pool, to turn it into a roller disco!

  6. The original entrance hall had a central ticket office and turnstiles either side to get in and out. No sneaking past those eagle eyed workers!

  7. The pool used to have six competition standard diving boards at the deep end, including 2 seriously high ones!

  8. The blue gates at the front are the original thirties art-deco style ones. They somehow survived the great railing cull of the second world war!

  9. Jubilee Pool was eco-friendly before it was popular! In 1977 early solar panels were put on the roof to heat water.

  10. You might recognise the bricks used to build Jubilee Pool – they are from a local quarry, and have also been used to build many iconic local landmarks including Portishead power station, Cadbury's factory in Keynsham and offices of the Imperial Tobacco Company.

  11. The east to west position of the building was no accident. It was designed so “late night and early morning swimmers are treated to a spectacular display at sun up/sun down”.

  12. Jubilee Pool is of historical interest. It was locally listed by Bristol City Council in 2019.

  13. Everyone is welcome! Jubilee pool is recognised in Bristol for being dementia, disability and autism friendly.

  14. Jubilee Pool is the warmest in Bristol. Perfect for bringing babies for their first swim!

  15. Jubilee Pool has welcomed naturist swimmers for many years. You have to be a member of a special club to join, and don’t worry, they close the blinds!

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